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Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Bachelor (Uni)

Alternativberufe: Heilerziehungspfleger/in - Psychiatrie, Psychologisch-technische/r Assistent/in   |   Referenznummer: 31570185

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55 Jahre
Mannheim / Deutschland
Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Bachelor (Uni)
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Berufl. Werdegang:
05/2008 - 09/2010, Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Case Manager - Therapeutic Division* Provide training & support*Counseling*Supervision & training of direct care staff*Visit residential settings weekly to ensure quality of care*Maintain contact with families*Facilitate monthly meetings*, Your Friends & Neighbors
03/1985 - 02/1986, Hotelfachmann/-frau, Reception, Servicebereich, Buefett und Kueche., Hotel Wegener
05/2010 - 09/2010, Sozialtherapeut/in, Observation & participation in counseling activities*Plan & conduct individual counseling sessions*Art therapy*Documentation/Progress notes*Workshop*Training on CA-PRTF (Community Alternative-Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities)*, Crossroad Child & Family Services
02/2007 - 05/2008, Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Work with clients on their goals according to their Individual Support Plan*Take clients into the community to improve social skills*Participate in activities with clients*Respite care*, Anthony Wayne Services
01/2004 - 05/2004, Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Visit clients* Accompany clients to appointments* Attend educational presentations* Document case notes* Design, write, send out, and evaluate 2004 client survey*, AIDS Task Force
08/2005 - 08/2006, Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Marketing Strategies*Resources for grants*Start & finish project for FWHA to identify concentration areas*Data entry*Retrieve data from Census Bureau*Collapse data as needed*Develop charts & tables*Evaluate data & identify targeted areas*Graph all results, Fort Wayne Housing Authority
07/1984 - 01/1985, Hotelfachmann/-frau, Kentnisse und Fertigkeiten im Servicebereich, arbeiten auf der Etage, Buefett, Kueche und Lager, sowie Einkauf, Organisation und Buerotaetigkeiten., Haas'sche Muehle
10/2010 - 06/2011, Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Case Manager - Qualified Developmental Disability Professional*Develop goals according to Individual Support Plan*Monthly reports*Counseling*Behavior Support*Documentation*Medication exchange*Monthly staff meetings*, Anthony Wayne Services
08/2003 - 12/2003, Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Observe one on one sessions with therapist* Co-lead playgroup* Assist children with school work* attend workshops* Observe intake and development of treatment plan* Documentation*, Crossroad Child & Family Services
06/2011 - 10/2012, Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Social Service Director/Dementia & Alzheimer Unit - Conduct MDS assessment upon admission, discharge, and quarterly*Create Care Plans and monthly behavior logs*schedule doctor appointments and transportation*Lead weekly Care Plan meetings*, Warsaw Meadows
11/2012 - 05/2019, Sozialarbeiter/in / Sozialpädagoge/-pädagogin, Service Coordinator - Aid residents in applying for benefits; act as liaison between residents and social service agencies; assist and advise residents and families of the services which maybe helpful/necessary to maintain a self-reliant lifestyle, usw., CCI/Retired Tigers Senior/Disabled Apartments

10/1981 - 07/1984, Hotelfachmann/-frau, Haas'sche Muehle

Referenznummer der Bundesagentur für Arbeit: 10000-1171723414-B
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