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Alternativberufe: Anwendungsprogrammierer/in, Software-Architect   |   Referenznummer: 31626007

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Hamburg / Deutschland
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Abschluss Fachhochschule
Berufl. Werdegang:
10/2007 - 05/2009, Softwareentwickler/in, " Developed System Management Centre module of Automatic train Supervision
"Developed of Real time Application for Railway Signaling
"Implemented Event and Diagnostic Logging module of non-vital core Subsystem using 'C' and C++ language in Linux environ,, INVENSYS Development Centre India Pvt. Ltd.
06/2009 - 06/2010, Softwareentwickler/in, " Developed Embedded DTE tool for Communications-based train control system product.
" Implemented Dual PC Desktop Simulator for Framework based platform Application.
" Developed Hardware simulation solution that helps real time development and testing, IVEDHA eServices Pvt. Ltd.
11/2010 - 07/2011, Softwareentwickler/in, " Designed and developed of Serial Interface for client proprietary hardware and windows-based host machine
" Developed interface module classes using 'C++' language and Multi-threaded Programming in visual Studio's environment.
" Enhanced COM Wrapper A, CENTRIS InfoTech Services Pvt. Ltd.
08/2011 - 09/2017, Softwareentwickler/in, Led project's automation activities, provided estimation, designed solution and led an automaton team.
" Implemented solution by using Python programming language
" Developed a solution of automation for the cloud application monitoring, US Technology Global, Pvt. Limited,
04/2006 - 09/2007, Softwareentwickler/in, " Developed and validate the Control Abstraction Layer of Primus Epic Displays and Controls system of APEX, Falcon Dassault Easy - F2K and F7X program. This module was a part of aeroplane cockpit digital display software.
" Implemented and validated, RAFFLES Software Pvt. Ltd.

10/2017 (gültig bis: 10/2020), Master of Web Engineering (Computer Science Faculty)
08/1999 (gültig bis: 06/2005), Bachelor Degree in Industrial Electronics Engineering

Referenznummer der Bundesagentur für Arbeit: 10000-1180614864-B
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